A mystery to some, a focus of disdain by a few, and a burgeoning billion dollar a year industry.  This is life in the 2017 world of drones. The industry of unmanned aerial systems (drones) has seen exponential growth over the past ten years and like many other creations of the human intellect, the technology has become smaller and more affordable. So how did drones and unmanned aerial systems become so democratic?  Check out the info-graphic below for an abbreviated history of how we arrived at our current state.

Developed in civilian industry, adopted by the military, and returned to the consumer – sound familiar? Fortunately for most of the world’s population the only drone you are likely to see is equipped only with a video camera.  Savvy marketing teams, Real Estate agents, construction magnates, and agriculture industry managers have adopted these aerial platforms for a variety of uses.  If you are deciding to incorporate the use of aerial “drone” videos into your business plans, you can pick up some interesting tips and information in our previous article about drone tips.


The weird, wonderful and fascinating history of drones
A graphic timeline of the history of drones by DronesBuy.net

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