Aerial Videography

Our aerial videography UAS (drone) platforms allow us to fly in spaces that traditional fixed wing and rotary aircraft cannot.  This provides us with the ability to capture unique overhead footage, often flying through and around natural and man-made objects. Our equipment is extremely maneuverable and highly portable.  In addition to this increased flexibility, our drone video equipment is small and non-intrusive.  Additionally, it offers a very small noise foot-print. Our team also can shoot companion footage and ground-level giving your project context and perspective.

Available Year-Round (Weather Dependent)

Packages Starting at $125 / Hr

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography projects are completed with the same equipment used for video. Our drones allow for high definition photographs between 20 and 400 feet above ground level. Like our aerial video capabilities, this allows us to get unique portrait and panorama views that would otherwise require time and expense to accomplish. Since we retain the instant capability of switching between video and photographs on a single project, we can easily work with you for the desired vantage point – reviewing overhead video to determine the best angles and lighting for the preferred still photograph

Available Year-Round (Weather Dependent)

Packages Starting at $125 / Hr

Post Production Processing

The Air Advantage Visual team has expertise in post-production processing for video and photography projects. Utilizing the Adobe suite of editing software, we will edit and compile professional video presentations for you including the construction of branded logo intros for use with your project. Our photography specialists edit raw camera images to provide breath-taking overhead and ground level pictures.

Offered for all projects

Standard Fee of $80 / each finished video minute

Script Writing

Great video projects often require a good script.  Air Advantage Visuals is a subsidiary of DeSantis Digital Works LLC, a successful inbound marketing content company. Our copy editors have over thirty-years of radio and print news experience, marketing expertise, and public advocacy experience.  Our video teams work closely with our writers to establish unique stories for video projects requiring a narrative supplement.

Per Project As Requested

Stanard Fee $40 / Hr

Voiceovers / Narration

Having the right script is an essential part of a successful video campaign.  Having the right voice to tell your story is just as important.  We have professional “on-air” talent with decades of experience behind the microphone. We will help develop the proper script for the project and if you require, provide voice-over recording for professional narration.

Per Project As Requested

Standard Fee $40 / Hr

Exclusive Offer

Realtors / Brokers

Get 50% off your first aerial imaging project for listings. Discounts available for multiple location shoots.