How We Do Aerial Video and Aerial Photography

Our small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) are all equipped with 4K video cameras and stabilized gimbals to provide rock-solid footage at altitude. These lightweight and highly portable platforms allow us to capture aerial video footage that would be otherwise impossible with traditional aircraft-mounted cameras.

Arriving on location, we can be set up and ready to fly in just minutes, saving both time and money.

Aerial video and aerial photography 

We work with a variety of clients including corporations, small businesses, Real Estate agents, and non-profits. We approach our drone video projects in a systematic fashion, first communicating with the client to assess their exact needs. Prior to any flight, our team will conduct a survey of the area to be filmed or photographed. This is necessary to ensure that no obstacles or potential hazards exist.  Safety is our number one concern. Likewise, it is necessary to review the appropriate aerial (sectional charts) for the area to determine the types of airspace that our drones will operate in.  Areas located close to airports may restrict our ability to fly “on-demand” or may require prior authorization from the FAA/ATC via waiver or tower permission.

Once the footage is captured, our remote pilots hand-off the video or stills to the post-production team for editing and proof presentation to the client. We continue to work our customer until final delivery of the project.

Aerial video and aerial photography 


Air Advantage Visuals is a division of DeSantis Digital Works LLC, a marketing, graphics and content generation firm located in Melbourne, Florida.  Our team provides varying levels of marketing support to some of our areas most successful companies. The addition of our “air wing” allows us to offer an even greater menu of services to existing and potential clients through aerial video and aerial photography.

The latest marketing analysis shows us that over 90% of all internet users say that product and service videos are helpful in their decision process. Over 88% of users spend more time on a website that contain videos.  We have adapted our marketing approach to meet this growing demand.  A natural addition to these efforts is the use of aerial video and aerial photography among a host of other helpful services.

WE’VE Got You Covered


Ground and aerial still imaging that suits your project and needs. From drones to professional DSLR and mirrorless cameras – we’ll get the shots!

Video Services

Aerial cinematography in full 4k video or 1080p. Our professional platforms can capture events and locations from amazing angles and altitudes.

Putting It Together

We will quickly edit your still images or video for fast delivery.  We can deliver your content in almost any format from web to print production.

Vic DeSantis

Vic DeSantis

Owner - FAA Certified Drone Pilot

Vic is the owner and CEO of Air Advantage Visuals.  He has spent over thirty years in law enforcement and currently serves as a command-level officer with a major Florida Sheriff’s Office. He has flown drones professionally for the past three years and is an FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot.

Joe Quinn

Joe Quinn

FAA Certified Drone Pilot

Joe is an FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot handling commercial drone services.  He has flown drone professionally for the past two years and specializes in aerial photography and Real Estate projects. He also operates Joe Quinn Aerial Photography located in Titusville, Florida.