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Aerial Video and Aerial Photography Drone Services in Melbourne Florida

Air Advantage Visuals provides aerial video and aerial imaging drone services in Melbourne, Florida and its surrounding areas.  Are you looking to hire a drone pilot? We serve all of Brevard County and beyond with professional imaging and aerial video services for a wide variety of businesses, companies, and individuals.

Video and aerial cinematography is not a fanciful exhibition of your business, property listings, or event, it is an essential part of smart content marketing strategies. Cost effective video marketing is high impact - combining sight, sound, and motion to attract and entertain viewers.

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Drone Video and Drone Photography

The term “drone” is commonplace today and refers to a number of flight capable platforms most often associated with military type technology. The FAA recognized terminology for civil commercial aerial vehicles is “UAS” or “sUAS” for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Small Unmanned Aerial Systems, respectively.  Air Advantage Visuals employs a number of UAS platforms carrying 4K capable video cameras.  These systems allow us to shoot professional motion and still shots in nearly all locations and often in very tight spaces.  Our UAS platforms are highly portable, easily set-up, and quickly deployable when on a project.  There is virtually no down-time waiting for crews to set-up jib cranes or camera platforms to establish overhead or aerial film compositions.

Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

The number one reason is easy – your competition does!  Aerial videography for marketing is a quickly growing industry and is being employed for a variety of reasons.  Real Estate professionals are turning to this medium to provide unique overviews of listed properties, their immediate surroundings and to provide and unique visual perspective that cannot be achieved by regular still photos shot at ground level.  Ranch and landowners are using aerial video for to survey large plots of land or distant equipment fixtures without incurring the high costs of traditional (helicopter or aircraft) surveying. Both large and small businesses have recognized the power of adding video and aerial visuals to enhance their service and product offerings, ultimately attracting and converting new customers. Consider these recent marketing study statistics from marketing experts at Hubspot:

1.  Real Estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without.

2.  On average, videos are 50 times more likely to obtain a page one ranking on Google.

3.  Internet users spend nearly (88%) more time in websites that contain video.

4.  Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion (or opt-in) by 80%

5.  90% of internet users say that product videos are helpful in their decision process.

Hire Licensed Aerial Video Professionals

aerial video, photography, Melbourne, Fl., drone videoChoosing the right aerial video service is just as important is hiring the right wedding photographer. You don’t want to lose the moments of such a special day to an amateur and likewise, you don’t want to make a mistake with your aerial footage. While anyone with a camera can claim the title of “photographer,” commercial drone and aerial cinematography companies should possess the knowledge and creativity in composition and filming from overhead perspectives.  We operate under rules established by the Federal Aviation Administration.  When interviewing prospective companies for your projects be sure to ask about their experience and credentials.  For commercial video work, each Pilot in Command (PIC), whether flying the platform or supervising the project must be certified by the FAA in this capacity.  The FAA requires training, testing, application and receipt of license under 14 CFR Part 107 for any person operating (or supervising) a sUAS, UAS, or “drone” for commercial purposes. Air Advantage Visuals drone video and drone photography pilots have the proper FAA 107 licenses and the company is fully insured in the unlikely event of mishap.

Aerial Video for Events

Capture special events and moments from the unique advantage of aerial footage.

Aerial Video for Real Estate

Overhead photography and video enhances interest in listings and the surrounding area.

Aerial Video for Marketing

For business.  Effective use of aerial footage enhances interest in your business.

Short Sample Videos From Previous Full-Length Projects

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